Tripletail Fishing Charters in St. Simons Island

Jekyll Island Tripletail FishingTripletail, or as the old timers call them, “Eddiefish”, are one of my personal favorite fish on the entire planet to catch. In the Spring they show up near our beaches and just kind of float around! Our primary tactic for catching Tripletail in Georgia is sight-fishing with live bait. It is not uncommon to see 40 or more fish in one outing.

When we spot a fish, I simply put the boat in the best position possible for you to make a cast and then we watch the fish eat the bait before it peels line off of your reel and the battle ensues.

Tripletail are extremely good to eat but I always appreciate those that are willing to practice catch and release so that these fish can thrive for the next generation to enjoy.

If you are looking for a Tripletail fishing guide in the St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island area just give me a call.

Life is good!

Capt. TJ