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Tarpon, Trout, Sharks, Bull Reds… It’s ON!

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This summer came in with a bang and it has continued to sizzle. We couldn’t be happier to have had the fortune of clean water, plenty of fish, and agreeable weather. It’s really a nice break to have some things line up in our favor.

This is going to be a short and sweet report because the simple fact is that the fishing is hot and if you’re not here you’re missing out.

Tarpon Fishing

My favorite fish has been stealing the show lately. The Tarpon fishing has been really strong and I’m looking forward to watching it get even better through the rest of this month and into August. We’ve had some tough days, such as one case where we jumped 8 Tarpon in 4 hours and lost every one of them. That was a real head scratcher and heart breaker but… 8 Tarpon in 4 hours? I’ll take that many opportunities every day and twice on Sunday!

st simons island tarpon fishing guide

tarpon fishing georgia

Inshore Fishing

The inshore fishing has been excellent as well. Capt. Tim has spent more time targeting the inshore species than I have lately and it shows. He is on them like white on rice. There are a lot of short fish around right now but he has been laying into the keepers. The Redfish, Flounder, and Black Drum have all been making some solid appearances as well. You better bring a lot of bait or have a good supply of “Measles DOA” shrimp. The bite is on in the river and on the beach.

georgia trout fishing

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is hot and on the right days they are behaving more like “Sharpons” and putting on an airshow once they’re hooked. On days with good visibility you can see them “wolf packing” and it’s easy to just pitch a bait to the one you want.

Kids Fishing Trips

On our kids trips we’ve been fortunate to have a pleasant variety of species to include Hammerhead Sharks, Bonnethead Sharks, Finetooths, Sharpnoses, Rays, Whiting, Blue Runners, and several other goodies. The kiddos are having a blast!

georgia hammerhead shark

ethan cheek with his shark

The Bonus Fish

Right now there are bonus fish aplenty. We’ve seen everything from Bull Redfish, to Jack Crevalle, to Spanish Mackerel. These fish aren’t primary targets right now, but they can make an appearance at any moment and you can believe that we are ready to capitalize when they do.

The Bait Situation

For those of you that are reading this to help plan your own fishing trip, here’s the sitch with the bait. It’s been a pain in the @&& to get the good stuff. We’ve been finding some bigger baits in St. Simons Sound while we’ve been catching peanuts out in the ocean. Of course, this is likely to be completely different by the time you read this.




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