St. Simons Island / Jekyll Island Fishing Prices and Rates

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I get a lot of calls from folks that are trying to find rates for fishing charters here at St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Brunswick, GA. I have them posted on my charter information page but I wanted to write a quick blog and post my rates and explain a little bit about what you are getting when you book a trip.

Guides all have different rates and different ways of pricing things. I try to keep my prices simple by including bait, etc. You won’t have to worry about racking up an extra $100 in bait fees. My prices are what they are, no more, no less. I use top of the line tackle and my boat is always clean, organized, and ready for you when you arrive.

While you might find some cheaper trips out there, consider the type of boat you will be in and whether or not the guide you choose suits your goals and expectations. I like to say that there are at least two options; fishing guides and charter captains.

I consider myself a fishing guide. I am going to do my best to schedule your trip for the best tide and conditions. I will advise you as to what is biting best at the time of your trip and tailor the trip around the fishing conditions and your goals. I’m always prepared to adapt to the conditions out on the water and change techniques as appropriate.

A charter captain will take you out at the same time no matter what day you go, take you to the same spots that he always goes to, and return promptly to pick up his next trip. They “dumb down” fishing so that the average beginner can catch a few fish with minimal coaching instead of investing the time and effort to teach you how to do the “cool stuff”.

A fishing guide will typically be very intense in finding fish for you while a charter captain will be happy to sit and wait for something to come along and bite. I think you are seeing the trend at this point.

Prices include bait, tackle, ice, bottled water, fish cleaning, sunscreen, and licenses. All you need to bring is a snack and a few drinks.

For inshore fishing my prices are for 1 to 2 anglers and $50 for each additional angler (max 4);

  • 4 hours – $400
  • 6 hours – $500
  • 8 hours – $600

Shark, Tarpon, and near-shore Reef fishing prices cover 1 to 3 anglers and it’s $50 for each additional angler (max 5, recommend 4 or less);

  • 4 hours – $450
  • 6 hours – $550
  • 8 hours – $650

Kids Fishing Trips cover 1 to 3 anglers and it’s $25 for each additional angler (max of 6);

  • 2 hours – $275
  • 3 hours – $325

Now that you know the prices I hope that you take the time to get to know any guide that you are considering going fishing with. I hope that you will take a look around my website and see if I am the right fit for you.

Life is good!

Capt. TJ Cheek

Full Time Fishing Guide Serving St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Brunswick, and St. Marys, GA

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    1. Tim,

      We mostly target Shark and Whiting on the Kids Trips. The prices cover the first 3 people, and it’s $25 for each additional person. All prices can be found on the charter information page.

      Tight lines!


  1. so an offshore for three people is $650 for 6 hours is that per person or for all three? also do you give discounts for retired military service?

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