St. Simons Island Fishing Report

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The fishing has been pretty good for the last couple of days. The reef is still holding plenty of Summer Trout as well as Sea Bass. The Bull Reds have moved into the beaches and are being caught around the breakers and sandbars just in front of the island. And the inshore fishing has had a slight up-tick as well.

The good news for anyone that is looking to fish over the next couple of weeks is that we should see the spring explosion any day now. The water temperature got up to 63 yesterday and the saying goes “everything is alive at 65”. Looking back at my old fishing reports from last year, I reported that April 1st was the day that everything came alive. Spanish Mackerel, Tripletail, Barracuda, and Spadefish were showing up and I expect a similar showing any day now.

I have seen a couple of Tripletail but they just aren’t here in packs yet. That could change at any second though.

There is plenty to do on kids trips with the Whiting being very thick and the small bonnet head sharks starting to show up. We can also do some Bull Redfishing on Kids Trips if the weather is suitable for it.

Tight lines!


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  1. Just curious if you could ballpark your rates. We come down here a couple times a year and are Looking to take myself , a friend and our three 14 year olds. Do you do half days? Thanks Andrew King

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