St. Simons Island Fishing Report and Forecast

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May Fishing Update and Forecast

Last May we had the good fortune of having outstanding weather all month long and it lasted throughout the summer season. This May has been quite different as we’ve battled rain and wind on a weekly basis. There have been some days of good weather, but the lingering effects from the bad weather have left their mark.
Just like the weather, the fishing has been on an “on again, off again” cycle. When tides and weather line up we are having some great days catching everything from Trout and Tripletail inshore, to Sharks nearshore, and Cobia offshore. When the weather and tides aren’t cooperating we have to grind a bit to make a day of it.

For clients, the more open minded you are as to what fish we target, the more likely we are to be successful if the conditions aren’t right. Many times clients will try to be ultra specific about what they want to target. That’s perfectly fine when the conditions are right, but when they aren’t, sometimes it’s better to play the hand you’re dealt and make the best of it. As guides, we have the same goal you do; to catch as many fish as possible during our time on the water, and we’ll go about doing that by any means necessary. The more willing you are to work with us, the better we can do for you.

Inshore Fishing Report

The trout bite has been up and down but we have seen some really good days. The fish seem to be holding on flats in 2 to 6 feet of water around shells and creek mouths. We have been finding some around heavier structure, such as rocks and docks, but mostly on shell flats.

St. Simons Island Fishing Charters

Cumberland beach is holding some Trout although recently the water has been quite muddy. I expect it to clear up over the next few days as we get past the bigger tides. The wind is forecasted to come out of the west during the first part of next week which will help a lot in cleaning up the water.

There are also quite a few Flounder near the inlets. Look for man made structure or broken shell flats. If you are targeting Flounder specifically, finger mullet or mud minnows on a jig head or screw tail grubs will do the trick. Remember to SET THE HOOK! Flounder can have a funny bite and will hold on to a bait all the way to the boat even if the hook isn’t in the fish.

Redfish have been hit and miss but we are seeing a few on most trips while targeting Trout.

Local Georgia shrimp are hard to come by right now and most marinas will be carrying Florida shrimp for the time being. I’m actually a fan of Florida shrimp because although they are more expensive, they are more durable and almost always just the right size.

We’ve been doing best with Bomber popping corks with a 2 to 2 1/2 foot leader with a small spilt shot and 1/0 Khale hook. I also recommend adding a split shot to the bottom of the wire on the cork to make it easier to cast and so that it stands up properly.

Nearshore Fishing Report

Shark fishing has been off the chain! Gorilla size Spinner Sharks and Black Tips have been stacked behind the shrimp boats. If you want to catch big animals that will test your strength and will power, this is where you need to be. If you want to give it a try on your own, just drift a safe distance behind the trawling shrimp boats and use live Pogies or stripped bonito near the surface. Leave the rod in the rod holder until the drag screams.

Shark fishing in Georgia

Tripletail fishing has been good although not as good as last year. We are seeing the right numbers but we haven’t seen the amount of keeper fish that we saw last year. They are out there, they’re just not stacked wall to wall like they were in ’14.

Jekyll Island Tripletail

Reefs and Offshore

We are in prime Cobia time! You can bet that any day that the weather allows it I will be all about trying to get out to the wrecks to find some Cobia. We’ve been seeing them further offshore for several weeks but it’s time for them to move in closer to the beach in a big way.

If you are venturing offshore, but sure to have a Cobia jig or a pitch bait at the ready at all times.

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