Spadefish Deep Sea Fishing Charters in St. Simons Island

Deep Sea Fishing

Nice Spadefish caught sight fishing.

Spadefish are another weird little fish. If you are a freshwater fisherman you will appreciate it when I say that they are like a Bream on steroids. Spadefish are found in large schools roaming the offshore reefs eating jellyfish. This is where it gets, weird… we catch the harmless Cannonball Jellyfish and cut them into triangles about the size of a Dorito and hide a small hook in them.

You can actually watch the Spadefish come right up to the back of the boat and eat the bait. The trick is to let the bait drift naturally with the current. Spadefish can be very picky and will detect heavy tackle or unnatural movements. When they eat you better be ready because they use their broad body to get back down to the bottom as fast as possible.

Our deep sea fishing charters are available for 4, 6, and 8 hours and we can accommodate up to 6 people per boat. Please call for pricing and availability.

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