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September Fishing Report and Forecast

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If you are planning to come fishing here in Georgia in September or October you are in luck as some of the best fishing of the year is during this time. You can find a wide variety of targets both big and small, edible and for sport only, and the weather can be very pleasant.

Tarpon, Bull Redfish, Sharks, and Jack Crevalle

When it comes to targeting big fish this time of year, these are the guys (and girls) we are after. Through September we will target Tarpon although we will shift our focus more and more to Bull Redfish as the month progresses. Bull Redfish usually become reliable in late September, but this season has been different as we’ve caught them all year long and they started becoming a regular occurrence in July!

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Recently we were Tarpon fishing and while we did accomplish our goal of getting a Tarpon to the boat, we also boated over 10 big bull Redfish. You just can’t beat it when you can pass the time waiting for your Tarpon with a hot bull Redfish bite! We are getting into these Redfish on most days although we are not targeting them specifically. We are Tarpon fishing and just happening to catch the bull Redfish while we are doing it. If we were to actually target the Redfish, who know what we could do.

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We are also finding big schools of Jack Crevalle from time to time. I haven’t been targeting Jacks specifically, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a chance to get into them when we see them. These fish are over 20 pounds and will destroy artificial baits. I’ve seen them knock topwater plugs 10 feet into the air!

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Sharks are a staple during the warmer months and they will continue to be around for the next several weeks. You are almost certain to catch a shark or two while Tarpon or Bull Red fishing, but you can definitely target sharks if you want.


Just keep in mind that if you want the most variety, the earlier you book the better.

Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Tripletail

September usually is when the inshore fishing really kicks off. Tripletail and Flounder are still here in numbers, and the year round offering of Trout and Redfish are starting to hit the peak of the year. It’s not uncommon to spend an entire trip steadily catching fish in mid to late September and once October gets here it only gets better.

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Of course there are times when the tides get out of whack and the fishing isn’t at it’s best, but during those time there is still plenty to do. You can always target Bull Redfish or if you have a group of two or less, we can target tailing Redfish in the flooded marsh.



The bottom line is that it will be quite a while before you have this many targets to choose from so if you want to catch some of the best fishing of the year you should book soon. Once the cold weather gets here we will still be targeting Trout and Redfish, and we really do well when it’s cold, but there are so many options right now that I would hate for you to pass it up.

Fill out the contact form and tell us about your group and what you would like to do, or just call 912-617-5577.

Tight lines!

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