Georgia Redfish Fishing Charters

Redfish in GeorgiaDrum, Spottail Bass, Red Drum, Bass, Channel Bass, and Red Bass is what you might hear them called in different parts of the country but around here most will call them “Redfish.”

Georgia’s coast provides a year round fishery for Reds which range in size from 12 inches to 50 inches and beyond. Georgia has a slot limit on Redfish which is 14 inches to 23 inches, however we DO NOT allow the harvest of Redfish on our charters due to their sensitivity to pressure and Georgia’s liberal limits not changing even while fishing pressure increases.

Tactics for catching Redfish in Georgia vary widely and include fly, plug, cut bait, live shrimp, or minnows. Schools in excess of 50 fish are not uncommon especially in the Winter season when they congregate on large mudflats and in the backs of small creeks.

“Bull” Redfish are the same species and differ only in their nickname and size. Bull Reds invade our coast in the Fall months for spawning and are easily caught both in the rivers and near the beaches. These fish live to be over 30 years old which is why we take great care in handling these fish before releasing them to spawn again. Another minor spawn in the Spring season provides another opportunity to catch a trophy Redfish.

Catching bull Redfish in Coastal Georgia doesn’t get any better than late Summer and Fall each and every season. Our small coast line is a major spawning ground for HUGE female Bull Redfish. These fish frequent the exact same areas each season which makes placing a pattern on the Reds much easier. Many of the big Bull Reds are tagged and re-caught within only a few yards of where they were tagged the year before.

Bull Redfish know where home base is located and the Georgia Coast offers literally hundreds of these type locations. Come to Georgia to beat your personal best Redfish record!

Our inshore fishing charters are available for 4, 6, and 8 hours and we can accommodate up to 6 people per boat. Please call for pricing and availability.

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We Practice Catch and release with all Redfish