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Spring is in full swing and a lot of cool things are going on right now. The calendar is filling up fast and luckily I have two other boats to help me keep up. To get the best days please call now!

Triple Fishing Charters – Jekyll Island – St. Simons Island

gftTripletail was really good a couple of weeks ago, then it got bad, and now it’s good again! Today I went out and we saw a lot of fish. Bad luck was the name of our game as we only managed 3 fish but we had plenty more opportunities. Tripletail fishing isn’t easy and your success depends a lot on your ability to make accurate casts.

I’ll do everything I can to coach you through and help you get the bait in front of the fish, but if you book a Tripletail trip I would recommend a little bit of practice in the back yard before your trip if possible.

Bull Redfish Charters

St. Simons Island Fishing Guide

Bull Redfish at St. Simons Island

The Bull Redfish are hanging around the sand bars just in front of the island. This week Capt. Tim guided his anglers to one of the biggest Bull Reds that he has ever put on the boat! This should continue through May although the Sharks will get thicker making it a bit tougher.

Shark Fishing Charters

Georgia Fishing Charters

A Nice Black Tip Shark

Speaking of Sharks… we are starting to catch some decent sized Sharks and the shrimp boats are starting to show up a few miles offshore of the beach. It’s almost time to get on some huge Sharks! Every year we catch some really nice Sharks early in the season so if you want to get your arms snatched off, start looking at booking a fishing trip in May.

Trout and Cobia Fishing Charters in Georgia

Cobia Fishing St. Simons Island


Next month the Trout should also start to show up on Cumberland Beach and the Cobia will show up as well. Along with the Tripletail we will be able to make “The Triangle” and catch Trout in the early morning, Cobia in the late morning, and Tripletail in the early afternoon. You might not find success at all three stops, but didn’t Meatloaf say that 2 out of 3 ain’t bad?

If you are staying on Jekyll Island or St. Simons Island and want to book a fishing trip please just send an email to or call 912-617-5577. With three boats and captains now, we can almost certainly get you out on the water and fishing.

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ Cheek

Georgia Fishing Guide

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  1. I have vacationed in St Simons over 4 times now. We want to retire in St Simons if all things go well. The only fishing I have done is from the beach near ShipWatch and the Jekyll Island pier. I would be happy just to bring home some sheep’s head. I am kinda tired of sharks and stingrays sea trout would be nice too. We will be at Ship Watch next week May 10.

  2. We are looking to fish on June 6th. There will be 5 adults. What fish can we expect to find on that date?
    We don’t wnat an all day boat ride, just catching some fish.
    What do you have available at what price?
    James Pittman

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