New (To Us) Pathfinder 22

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We’ve gone through a lot of boats from 31 Contenders all the way down to 17 foot Maverick Micros. Each had its advantages and disadvantages but we eventually settled in with the 25 C Hawk and the 243 Everglades (slightly modified). These boats are extremely versatile and we love fishing out of them, but they are a bit on the bulky side when it comes to fishing backwaters.

We didn’t want to buy a poling skiff as it would be limited to two anglers and isn’t comfortable for a lot of clients. We didn’t want to buy a big fancy bay boat because it wouldn’t add much capability to the boats we already have.

So when a friend decided to sell his 22 Pathfinder we jumped right on it. Weighing only around 1400 lbs, it is plenty light enough to fish shallower areas. But, it’s still big enough that 3 clients can easily be comfortable and feel stable while standing and fishing.

Powered with a Yamaha 150, we were a little worried about speed and hole shot, but after running it for the first time with 3 grown men in the boat, we are very happy with the performance. We were able to jump right on plane at around 22 miles per hour and easily reach almost 50 miles per hour against the current. The boat easily cruised around 42 miles an hour and was very nimble in turns.

She needs a little TLC before we can present her to our clients for charters, but we’re very excited to have an additional boat to expand our capabilities inshore. We’ll keep you posted as we get her all set up for fishing charters.

Tight lines!


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  1. I was fortunate enough to get invited by a friend to join him on a trip. He let me bring my 2 boys, who have done quite a bit of freshwater but never saltwater fishing. TJ knows kids and what they want, so he suggested shark fishing to my friend. We left the dock at 8:00 and by 8:30 had caught bait and my youngest son was fighting in a black tip. Within minutes after my oldest, a black nose. We went on to fish for reds, trout, drum and TJ basically did anything humanly possible to put fish on their lines. Some people do this only for money, it is obvious TJ does it out of love, he even took time to give advice to others on the water. I haven’t done a charter trip in 15 years at least, but will definitely be going back. I live about an hour away in an area where charters are very abundant, but TJ will be who we use. Thank you to my friend who took us and to TJ for helping and teaching my boys, who are still grinning now as well as myself. Our trip ended only a few hours ago, TJ made sure it was a father, son day that will never be forgotten.

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