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Shark Fishing Charter St. Simons IslandToday I had 4 seasoned anglers on the boat for some Shark fishing and Tripletail fishing. We had a great day for Sharks but the Tripletail beat us like a red headed step child.

Let’s just get the bad part over with first… We had some great conditions for Tripletail fishing but after looking for them for about an hour and a half we had only seen 8 or so and none of them wanted to cooperate. We had some success Shark fishing earlier this morning so we decided to go back and finish the day with that.

What we found were a couple of small 30 pounders to start off with but after we got that out of the way it was time for the BIG ones. The Black Tips were chewing and we were even able to spot one and cast a bait in front of it and watch it chomp down on it before it started smoking the drag on some new reels.

Bait was everywhere and it seems like the ocean is finally coming back to life after a cold Spring season.

Check out the pictures!

Tight lines!

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  1. Tj, despite the uncooperative tripletail on our charter day out, you definitely put us on some niiiice sharks with three or four being well OVER 100 lbs. We just want to thank you for being a good captain and capitalizing on giving us, your customers, tight lines. thanks again, very knowledgable about the area and the fishing, highly recommended, thanks again!!!!!!!!

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