Fishing report for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Brunswick, GA

GIFP: Episode 10 | Tripletail Finally Here | Ocean Coming to Life

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Tripletail Fishing in Georgia has finally kicked off!

Tripletail Fishing CharterThat’s the biggest news in this week’s fishing podcast. There has been a lot of overall improvement in the fishing, but by far my favorite part of this week’s news is the arrival of the Tripletail.

The first fish to arrive are almost always the biggest that you will see for the season on average. The later it gets in the season, the more small fish you will see. It also seems that you will see less big fish. This year has been no different so far as the fish that are here right now look life surfboards.

They have been a bit spooky and hard to catch but there has been no shortage of opportunities. In this podcast I offer a tip for dealing with stubborn Tripletail by using a naked shrimp rig. It’s harder to cast and keep in the strike zone, which makes it a last resort option for me on charters. But for most anglers it can be a great idea as a primary rig.

Bull Redfish are Moving Inshore

More great news in that the Redfish… Bull Redfish, are moving in on the bars as more and more baitfish show up. I am still catching a few offshore but not nearly as many which could be a result of the bulk of the fishing moving inland.

That’s good news for me as I rather stay close to land anyway if at all possible. Until Cobia show up, it would suit me to stick to the beaches and rivers.

Trout fishing is improving

If you have been Trout fishing in the last couple of weeks you don’t need me to tell you that it hasn’t been easy. The fish have been wadded up tight in the backs of creeks for the most part and not widespread by any means.

This week the fish seemed to start moving out of their winter pattern and begin to move back into some shallower water. Our good friends the Yellow Tails made a showing this week as well so look forward to buying more bait when you go Trout fishing so the bait thieves don’t eat you out of house and home.

Sea Bass Fishing Still Good, but Not as Good

The Sea Bass fishing is still pretty good as long as you’re going out a decent ways. Sticking around close to land isn’t going to get you much other than a long day of catching a trillion small Sea Bass. The further out you go the better the quality gets. The thing is, we’ve been doing that for a few weeks now and it seems that either we are picking off most of the big ones or they are finding somewhere that they like better.

Georgia Fishing Tip for the Week

This week I talk about an alternative to speed jigs and a good all around bait to keep in your boat for anything from Amberjack to Tarpon. Hogy Eels can imitate baitfish or eels, they are east to work, and they are very diverse in how you can use them.

Here is a picture of my speed jig alternative rig:

hogy eel

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