GIFP: Ep. 9 | Whiting Time! | Good Pier Fishing | Prepping for Tripletail

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chungThis week I just have to apologize. I didn’t really get on the phone and gather up the report like I would like to due to being sick. I had to get my dad to cover my trips for me, and I’ve been down for the count. So this podcast might be a little rough.

The good news is that the Whiting are here and the average size has improved dramatically. Yesterday (Thursday) we were able to catch close to 100 on 2 Kids Fishing trips and they were mostly nice fish.

The Trout fishing continues to be tough. The water has been pretty ugly for the most part and that isn’t helping anything. Hopefully a week of good tides will clean things up.

Sea Bass are still a main target and are still best found by going 20 miles or more offshore. The small ones are plentiful close to shore but the big ones are further out just like they have been for the last several weeks.

Hopefully, somehow, miraculously, the weather changes this weekend and we don’t get stormed on, but right now that’s the way it’s looking.

I’ll catch you next week. Please send in any questions that you would like me, or another guide, to answer in next weeks podcast.

Tight lines!


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