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Golden Isles Fishing Podcast Episode 8: Sushi Fastballs, Peeled Prawns, and Warm Up Already!

Sushi fastballs? Really? Yeah… it’s just a way that I have described this phenomenon to my customers in the past and it seemed to resonate with them and help improve their angling skills so I figured I would share it in this podcast. But yeah, it’s kind of weird.

Capt. TJ Cheek’s Podcast Fishing Report for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Brunswick, GA

Here is a quick summary of the podcast, just give it a listen for all the details.

In this report I talk about the warming weather and how it is effecting the fishing, what we will see in the next few weeks, and some tips on to help you in your fishing endeavors on the Georgia coast. Right now I have one thing on my brain more than any other and that is Tripletail. There are so close but not quite here. I can’t wait for those little suckers to get up here where they belong.

Captain Judy’s Savannah Fishing Report

Capt. Judy of Miss Judy Charters was kind enough to lend some advice via her weekly fishing report. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous to call and ask her to provide some information for my podcast. Many captains would have seen me as an intruder and quickly ran me off of their porch with a broom, but Judy was a class act and nice as can be. No wonder she’s been kicking fish tail since 1956!

Here is a snippet from her report;

The CCA, L Buoy, and J Buoy artificial reefs are holding the interest of some nice black fish and lots of
them. The ratio for keeping is about 60/40. More keepers the deeper you go. As far as best baits, cut
squid and piece of fresh fillets black sea bass works great. Heck, Captain Deidra even put a piece of
chartreuse chewing gum on a hook and caught a fish. So I guess you should save your gum and give that
a try! Seriously, once you find the fish the bite is ON!!

As far as top water fish there are lots of little tunny pushing water on the surface. If you like a fight on
light tackle this would be the place to start. Best baits are trolled through or cast in to the school is
going to be a light tackle king mackerel rig with stinger in tow. As far as what to rig it with I suggest a
still frozen Spanish sardine or cigar minnows. You notice I said Frozen, well we haven’t seen any live
baits as of yet. However, those little tunnys are feeding on something. If you happen to catch one,
open it up, and check its stomach contents out. Once you find out what it is eating “match the hatch” as
much as you can. Little tunny don’t make for very good table fare that is unless you are a real good cook
with lots of secret ideas. However, once fillet they make great chunk bait for bottom fishing. As far as
shark fishing little tunny makes for great big fish catching action. By the way I do have a recipe for little tunny

and I would be glad to share…let me know..

If you ask Miss Judy for her Little Tunny recipe and you try it, let me know too. I have got to hear about that!

Miss Judy also talked about some interesting dead bait tactics for catching Redfish. This was a new idea for me, and I’m interested to try it out. She said that they are using it in their area with great success so it is definitely worth a shot. Here is a picture of her free line peeled prawn rig;

Georgia Fishing Guide

Photo Credit – Capt. Judy Helmey

St. Simons Island Pier Fishing Report

I also stopped in at the Bait Shop at the St. Simons Pier to talk to Trish and get the scoop on what is going on at the pier. Trish was kind enough to spend a few minutes talking with me and she reported that the Whiting fishing is improving off of the pier, and that she has seen a couple of Trout come across the rail via cast net.

Here is a picture of a decent Whiting I caught while waiting to pick up my customers at Gascoigne Bluff;

Kids Fishing Trips St. Simons

South Georgia Surf Fishing will also start to contribute some information to the podcast. These guys take their surf fishing seriously! It’s going to be great to get their input so that we aren’t leaving all the folks that are interested in catching monster Sharks, Bull Reds, Whiting, and other surf dwellers on the outside looking in. Right now the Whiting fishing from the beach is pretty decent although not much else is going on. There should be some Bull Red action once the bait arrives though. You can check out South Georgia Surf Fishing on Instagram @southgasurffishing. Here is one of their instagram pictures… like I said, these guys get serious!

Georgia Fishing Report

Photo Credit – @southgasurffishing via Instagram

Basically, I want to make the podcast less about “fishing in Georgia according to TJ” and more of a multi-dimensional and thorough resource for all anglers that love to fish the salt in Georgia.

That is why I started about a week ago on a new project to serve you better. I am going to be launching a new website that is just for this information. I am incorporating a new podcast, a forum, some weather information (which has been a real pain in the #&! to figure out and might get scratched all together), an Amazon store that will have all the gear you need to fish our waters, and eventually some video tutorials.

You’ll be able to get a lot more of the information that you need and want from the new site, which I will announce the address to once it is ready. Chances are that if you are checking out this podcast it’s because you want the goods and you aren’t really interested in my fishing charters. I’ll be continuing this podcast but it will be more about the information that my customers want and less detailed. Your podcast will be on the new site with all the stuff you want. Everyone wins.

As always, please comment with your suggestions, thoughts, and questions. I appreciate everyone that takes time to check this podcast out every week and I hope that over time I am able to do even more for you and for our sport.

As always, tight lines!

Capt. TJ Cheek

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  1. Well, you know when the fishing is HOT! You will be very busy so, please keep up the site and let us know where they were as the Old sign say as you are coming off the pier ” YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HER YESTERDAY”

  2. Capt. TJ…your new website sounds like it will be awesome, and I want to also mention that I am happy that your podcasts will continue on. I look forward to listening every Friday. They are so interesting and beneficial, because of how timely they are which is critical since, as you know all to well, conditions change so rapidly out there. The video “how to’s” sound terrific! Thank you for keeping all of us locals and charter customers informed.

  3. Nice website Capt! We had great luck today catching whiting all afternoon using shrimp. We were surf casting. Planning to hit the SSI Pier tonite about 10.

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