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Coastal Georgia Fishing Report 4/18/14

It’s that time to keep me away from sharp objects. The weather so far this week SUCKS! Seriously? 25 knot winds every day? COME ON MAN!

Tripletail Fishing Report

I could go on for days about the weather, but I know you really want to hear about the fishing. This past weekend we mainly focused on Tripletail fishing. Word has definitely gotten out as there were probably 30 boats out there looking for Tripletail this weekend.

The fish were popping up pretty decent on Saturday and we were able to spot about 15, get 4 to eat, and only get one to the boat. A lot of boats came in complaining that the fish wouldn’t eat but that was not what we were dealing with. One reason may be that we stayed out of the pack. I talk more about this in the podcast so give it a listen.


Georgia Surf Fishing Report

The surf fishing apparently experienced an uptick as the fellas from South Georgia Surf Fishing were able to get some nice Bull Reds to the beach. You can check there report out below as well as a video from them. Follow them in Instagram by following this link.

The fishing from the surf is starting to really come around. Redfish, sharks and whiting. The quantity of fish is not there yet but the quality is. If you can stick it out, you will be rewarded with some nice fish. We landed some very nice bull reds all over 40+ inches. Fresh cut bait (mullet and whiting) is doing the trick for catching the reds. Sharks are also here and are swimming near the beaches. Reports of sandbar, blacktip, bonnet head, lemon, scalloped hammerhead, and sand tiger sharks have all been caught from the surf over this past week. Bonita seems to be the hot bait right now for sharks. But if you can’t get your hands on any, cut mullet is always a good substitute. Whether your kayaking baits out or casting them you should be able to get on some nice sharks. Whiting are everywhere! If you need them for bait or just want some for fish tacos, there should be no problem catching any. All you need a is a piece of dead shrimp and a small hook.

Tip of the week:

Here’s a pretty simple tip but effective. No matter what your trying to catch, it’s always a good idea to keep fresh bait on your rods. Change baits every 30 min – 1 hour. This helps keep the scent strong, which increases your chances for that fish to find your bait. Also if you have a variety of bait and multiple rods, try each bait until you can determine which is working best.

Brandon Green – South Georgia Surf Fishing

Bull Redfish Jekyll Island


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