Fishing Report – St. Simons Island to St. Mary’s GA

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Today I ran a trip out of St. Mary’s, GA. The plan was to fish around the jetties before running down to Jacksonville to fish for some Tripletail. When we broke the beach line at the jetties we were greeted by a stiff northeast wind and nasty swells.

We decided to turn around and fish inshore for a while. We pulled up on a spot that I haven’t fished in quite a while but has been really good to me in the Spring many times before. On the first cast my client, Ben, hooked a nice Trout and brought it to the boat. We pounded on the Trout for about an hour and a half before deciding to try to make the run to the jetties again.

This time the wind wasn’t as bad and the swells had subsided some but were still pretty  big. We fished for a few minutes at the end of the jetties without hooking up on a Bull Red so we ran to Jacksonville Beach and started Tripletail fishing. We saw quite a few really nice Tripletail and schools of Bonito were everywhere. It was not easy fishing with the rough seas and cloud cover. We had to get really close to the fish to be able to see them.

We ran the ditch back to St. Marys and I eventually calmed down from all of the excitement. It was a lot of fun hunting these fish. It made the stellar Trout bite that we were on this morning look silly. Something about seeing the fish that you are targeting just gets me going.

I’m expecting the Tripletail to show up at Jekyll Island within the next few days. It shouldn’t be long with the amount of fish we are seeing already in Jacksonville.

If you can’t wait for the Tripletail to get here, just give me a call and we’ll set up a trip to Northeast Florida.

Tight lines!


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