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Family Fishing Report

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Family fishing report

Family fun fishing was a blast for our crews in 2022, and the 2023 season will be kicking off in March.  These trips fill up fast so I’d suggest you call or click here to reserve your dates as soon as possible.  These types of trips are specifically focused on the younger generation and are tailored to age and experience depending on the conditions as well as targeted quarry.  We offer shorter durations of 2-3 hours typically with longer trips for different species or for older or more experienced anglers available.

2 and 3 hour trips

Family fishing (kids trips) are typically 2-3 hours in duration.  We normally make a short boat ride and bounce around looking for the best rod bending action available.  Species that we typically encounter include whiting, croaker, small to medium sharks, occasional bull reds, and various ray species.  We keep it simple and shoot for the most action available.

The whiting bite was great last spring and stayed strong through the summer with the largest specimens caught in mid spring and the fall months.  Shark fishing really heats up in may and stays strong through September.  It is not uncommon to catch 5 or more species of shark on a single kids trip.

4 plus hour trips

These trips are for the more experienced or slightly older boaters and fishermen and ladies.  We usually recommend a captain’s choice type trip.  On these trips we shoot for the hottest action with the weather conditions that we have.

Inshore and Beach

Family fishing trips of a longer duration may be in the inshore waters chasing trout, reds, drum, etc when conditions and action is optimal.  Beach fishing for whiting, sharks, and bull reds is also an option when conditions and seasons allow.

kids fishing charters

Nearshore wrecks and reefs

Family fishing trips of 4 hours or more can also be done at the nearshore wrecks and reefs off of the Georgia coast.  Of course we will need calm seas and decent weather for this type of trip.  The reef trips can be some of the most exciting, simple fishing to be had.  These trips are typically action packed featuring a wide assortment of various species.  They are also available 12 months a year.  Sheepshead, drum, snapper, black sea bass. trout, bluefish, bull reds, and mackerel are just a few of the species that we catch nearshore along the Georgia coast.

Sightseeing/ cruising

We also offer an assortment of tailored boat rides, wildlife viewing excursions, as well as sunset cruises.  These trips are BY REQUEST only.  Our Captains are all fishing guides, so if you book a fishing trip, the fishing will be the priority.  Most days we encounter all sorts of wildlife from dolphins, to manatees, and all sorts of bird life.  However, if you would like a family cruise less focused on fishing, and more so on the wildlife/sightseeing level, just let us know.  We will gladly give you some options to choose from.

Family fishing is a great opportunity to get some quality time in and learn about some of Coastal Georgia’s most valuable natural resources.  Get your kids off the screen and let’s go fishing!


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