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Fishing Charters with The Georgia Fishing Company

What is a guided fishing trip? Different people may define it in different ways, but we see it quite simply. From our first conversation, we try to make sure that you have the best fishing experience possible. This means giving you a reasonable idea of what to expect and asking you questions to help determine what will suit you best. Every season of the year has its strengths and weaknesses and it’s our job to match your goals with the best offering of that particular season. In our opinion, this is where the “guided experience” starts.

Below you will find the different types of fishing that we offer and the best times of year to experience them. Please keep in mind that reef fishing is very weather dependent. We do our best to get you out there but sometimes the seas just don’t agree. If it looks like we have some other options prior to your trip we’ll be sure to let you know and give you the option of doing that instead. Often times unexpected opportunities will present themselves while we are out on the water and we’ll certainly take advantage of that. Below is a guide to what is reliable and isn’t inclusive of every possibility.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is done primarily in the rivers and sounds using light spin tackle with live or artificial baits. Our primary targets are usually Sea Trout and we also encounter Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Redfish. While Redfish are legal to harvest, they are catch and release only when fishing with me. All other species can be harvested in accordance with state regulations.

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Best Time of Year
September through December
Good Time of Year
April through August
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January through March

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing trips are done between 1 and 6 miles offshore where we will primarily fish near trawling shrimp boats. The sharks are typically within the 80 to 120 pound range. On days where the water clarity and sunlight cooperate we are able to draw the sharks close to the boat and sight cast to them with natural or artificial baits. Shark fishing is catch and release only, although if time and conditions allow, we can target Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, or Tripletail for you to take home for dinner.

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Best time of year
June through August
Good time of year
Species Unavailable
October through April

Tarpon Fishing

st simons island fishing charters
Tarpon aren’t called Silver Kings for nothing. They are one of the most sought after game fish on the planet. They are well known for the acrobatic displays and unbreakable spirits. Most often we will target Tarpon around the inlets with live bait and medium weight tackle. Fights can be over in as little as five minutes or go on for over an hour. Tarpon fishing is catch and release only.

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Best time of year
Good time of year
June, September
Species Unavailable
October through May

Bull Redfish Fishing

Bull Redfish or “Bull Reds” is the name given to the oldest and largest Redfish that return to our area in the Fall and again in the Spring. These spawning fish range from 36 inches to 50 inches and are known to school together. During the Fall run it is not uncommon to catch more than 20 in a half day trip. Bull Redfish are catch and release only.

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Best time of year
Late September – November
Good time of year
Late November – April
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Any time other than the above

Kids Fishing

ethan cheek with his shark
Kids fishing trips are 2 and 3 hours and we try to maximize the catching time as much as possible. We target anything that swims and try to keep the action as steady as possible. The kids are in charge of the fun and if they rather scoop up harmless jelly balls, play with the bait, or simply watch dolphins that’s up to them. It’s all about making sure that they have fun. Our most common targets are small Sharks, Whiting, and Stingrays. Whiting are good to eat and you are welcome to keep as many as you like for dinner.

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Best time of year
April through October
Good time of year
March, November
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December through February

Reef Fishing

st simons fishing offshore

Reef fishing, is what we consider fishing the nearshore wrecks and reefs in the 10-15 mile range. These trips are highly weather dependent and aren’t recommended if you know you get sea sick. Reef fishing varies considerably from season to season with Sea Bass and Sheepshead being common targets in late winter and early spring then, cobia, Spanish and King Mackerel as the water warms in May threw August.

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Best time of year
Good time of year
November, April-May
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Year Round Fishing.

Flood Tide / Backwater

For those that want to take on a greater challenge and a more technical style of fishing, we offer flood tide tailing Redfish trips as well as backwater sight fishing Redfish trips. When water temperatures rise and the marshes flood around the new and full moons a unique sight fishing opportunity for tailing Redfish occurs. While the window is short, it’s a thrilling hunt as the water rises and the fish move up to feed in the flooded marsh grass. For flood tide trips you’ll need to speak with one of our guides for the best dates as these trips are very tidal dependent.

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Best time of year
May through September
Good time of year
March-April, October
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November Through February

Whiting Fishing

Whiting are abundant and under-appreciated fish. They are small but delicious and easy to catch. For those they don’t care about pictures with big fish or the prestige of a rare catch and simply want to go put as many fish as possible in the cooler in the shortest amount of time, Whiting are the targets of choice. There is no possession limit for Whiting so you can keep as many as you like.

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Best time of year
March – May
Good time of year
June – July
Ask about the Bite
November through February

Fishing Charter Prices

Prices cover two people. Add $50 for each additional person. Shark fishing charters, Bull Redfish charters, and kids fishing charters offer a maximum of 6 anglers. All other trips offer a maximum of 4 anglers. I recommend the smallest group possible to maximize options and opportunities.

4 hours: $550

6 hours: $750

8 hours: $1000

Specialty Tarpon Beach Charter Prices

Prices cover two people. Add $50 for each additional person up to 4. These trips offer Light tackle and fly fishing opportunities for tarpon, jacks, and bull reds.

6 hours: $750

8 hours: $1000

Kids Fishing Charter Prices

Prices cover first 3 anglers. Add $25 for each additional angler. 6 anglers maximum,

2 hours: $350

3 hours: $425

What is provided?

  • Rods and Reels
  • Tackle
  • Bait
  • Licenses
  • Drink Cooler with Ice and Bottled Water
  • Fish Cleaning
  • Sunscreen

What should you bring?

  • Your Drinks and Snacks
  • Sun Protective Clothing
  • Sunscreen (We Provide natural quality sunscreen that will protect you and our equipment.  DO NOT use sunscreens with oxybenzone or Avobenzone please!)
  • Polarized sunglasses (Even cheap ones from a gas station are better than non-polarized glasses)
  • If you have a life jacket that fits your child just right, I recommend bringing it. My life jackets are meant to fit “most” but may not be a comfortable fit for your child.

What time do we depart?

Usually at 7:30 AM for morning trips although sometimes we will push departure back or forward according to tides or the type of fish we are targeting. We’ll firm the time up the night before your trip.

How do I book a trip?

Just give us a call or fill out the form on the contact page. We’ll discuss your options and decide on the best type of trip and the best date. Once you’ve decided on a date and trip we’ll need a few things to reserve your date.

We’ll need:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Number of Anglers In Your Group
  • Type of Trip
  • Credit Card Number

Do you charge my card before the trip?

Yes. A 10% deposit is taken at the time of booking. If you want to use your card to pay for the trip just bring it with you and we will settle up at the end of your trip. A 3.9% convenience fee will be added to all credit card transactions. In lieu of Credit cards we also accept cash, check, and venmo as payment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Trip Cancellation Policy

  • A 14 day advanced notice for all cancellations is required for a full refund. Within 14 days you are responsible for 100% of the trip and
    your credit card will be automatically charged. Cancellation due to extreme weather conditions will be determined only when the safety of
    the client is at risk. In these cases, deposits will be refunded or held to reserve rescheduled date.

Group and Corporate trip over 3 boats

  • A minimum of a 10% deposit is required.
  • Any trip with over 3 boats MUST have a single point of contact.
  • All bookings will receive a quote for the trip via email once all details are confirmed.
  • There is a $25.00 non refundable booking fee per boat booked on group and corporate trips.
  • Trips booked during peak season (March-August) or on holidays which include holiday weekends require a 60 day cancelation for a full refund. Inside the 60 day period a refund will be giving if the day is rebooked by each Captain booked. Otherwise, the deposit can be used as a credit towards future bookings for 6 months.
  • The Georgia Fishing Company is not responsible for deposits booked with other guides for group and Corporate outings outside of  The Georgia Fishing Companies Captains which include all captains listed on site.
  • When you book a Muti boat trip through The Georgia Fishing Company, The Georgia Fishing Company is only a booking contact. Other guides and businesses are secured for the trips and The Georgia Fishing Company is not responsible or liable for you or your trip with that guide/business.

It is the sole discretion of your guide to cancel a trip due to weather. Your guide will discuss this decision with you based on his knowledge and experience.

How far ahead should I book my trip?

Of course, the sooner you book the higher the chances are of your date being available. In the peak season from March through Labor Day we book up quickly but with multiple boats we almost always have an option for you. If you are looking to book a specific guide we suggest 4-6 weeks in advance. If you have limited days that you can fish I would try to book at least 2 months ahead. If you are flexible we can usually fit you in within a week or two. Please give us a call anyway even if it is last minute. Sometimes days just don’t book for some reason and sometimes there are cancellations. If we don’t have an open day we are always happy to help you find a qualified guide.

What kind of boat do you have?

Capt. Rob runs a 25 foot Dorado Tower boat equipped with a 350 Mercury motor, 36 volt trolling motor, twin Powerpoles, Simrad electronics, Tower/T-top, and top of the line tackle. He also runs a 16 foot Hells Bay Whipray for shallow water trips and Marsh Hen hunts.

Capt. Jeff runs a 23 foot Pathfinder bay boat powered by a 250 Yamaha SHO and equipped with iPilot trolling motor, Power Pole, and Garmin electronics.

Capt. Robert runs a Explore 24 Andros Tower Boat equipped with a 300 Mercury motor, 36 volt trolling motor, twin Powerpoles, Simrad electronics, Tower/T-top for shade, and top of the line tackle.

Capt. Griffin runs an Islamorada 24 Bay Boat equipped with a 300 Yamaha motor, 36 volt trolling motor, an 8ft Powerpole, Simrad electronics, and top of the line tackle.

Capt. Scott O. runs a 24 foot Islamorada equipped with a 400 Mercury motor, 36 volt trolling motor, twin Powerpoles, Simrad electronics, and top of the line tackle. He also runs a 21 C-Strike bay boat, an 18 foot Chittum Snake Bite 12° Carbon Fiber skiff, and 18ft Hells Bay Gladesskiff for shallow water trips and Marsh Hen hunts.

Capt. Aaron runs an 18 ft Cayo skiff powered by a 60 Mercury. It is specially designed for quietly stalking Redfish in the shallowest of backwaters.  He also runs a 23 foot C-Hawk great for kids and family trips with a bimini top for shade, high sides, and ample space for comfort.

Capt. Jeremy runs a 23 foot C-Hawk with a bimini top for shade and ample space for comfort four our family and kids trips and  21 Kenner Bay Boat for inshore and nearshore fishing

Capt. Scott D. runs a 24 foot Pathfinder equipped with a Yamaha 250 four stroke ample space for comfort four anglers inshore our family and kids trips up to 4 passengers. as well as an 18ft Hell Bay Professional for shallow water light tackle and fly charters.

What about tipping?

While a tip is just that, something extra beyond the agreed upon price, it is a major portion of how guides make a living. We have spent decades finding ways to exceed your expectations. We burn a little extra gas to find something that is actually worth paying for. We take extra bait because we anticipate success. That is why tips are appreciated, because we give them right back to our customers by spending them on gas, better equipment, and extra bait. Customary tips are 10-20%.

Ready to FISH or have a few questions?

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What else do you need to know?

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