Bull Reds Still On Fire – Trout Getting Better Every Day

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October Bull RedsOver the past week or so since my last blog I have mostly been fishing for Bull Redfish with my clients but I have had the opportunity on a couple of days to do some light tackle fishing for Trout and Redfish.

Obviously the hot ticket right now is the big Reds, but the Trout fishing has been picking up steadily. We did have some big tides over the weekend that made Trout fishing a bit difficult but in spite of that we found some solid fish. One day in particular we were on a steady Trout bite around high tide and went on the fish for Reds on the last of the outgoing and caught in the neighborhood of 25 Redfish and a pile of Black Drum.


Over the next several week the Trout fishing should get better and better and our smaller reds will continue to grow and their normal rate of an inch per month. The ones that aren’t already will be drag screamers soon enough!


My buddies Scott and Rob joined me for a guide’s day off one day and we went offshore late in the morning and were greeted by some extremely calm seas. We were able to keep our lines tight all day on some Amberjack, Almaco Jacks, Porgies, Sea Bass, Snapper, and were visited by some mondo sharks.


I’ve been surprised at the number of dates that have already booked for November and the amount of call that I have received every day asking about dates to fish over the winter. If you are looking to book prime real estate like weekends and holidays over the next couple of months I suggest doing so soon.


Thanks to some iPhone issues I have had trouble answering and returning calls. If you have trouble reaching me please just email info@charterfish.com or text my cell number that is on the contact page.

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ



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  1. Thank you for a phenomenal day of fishing! I have fished with a number of guides at a number of locations throughout the Southeast. I have never caught so many big fish in such a short period of time as we did with you on Wednesday. You put us on the bull reds and kept us on them! You did an outstanding job and my buddy and I will recommend you to everyone we know. Thanks again for a great trip.

  2. Hello, I enjoy reading your articles. My wife and I moved to St. Simons in April this year. We bought fishing gear of all sorts from little river rods and reals to 50lb test line gear. My wife even taught herself how to throw a cast neat. I seem not to be able to even get a bite. I’ve used shrimp (dead/live) squid and I even resorted back to my old pond favorite chicken liver. We go from sun up to sun down without getting bite. People tell us go here or there same results, nothing. Oh wait I did catch a shark and a sting ray. We don’t have a boat or the money for a off shore trip as we are just recovering from the crash. Is there anything or any place that might be good.


    1. Post

      Hey Robert. Here is a link to a video I made last year that talks about fishing from shore. This is mostly geared toward catching smaller fish such as Whiting and Croaker. From late Spring through early Fall you can do just fine fishing from the beach. Try fishing around the legs of the pier on St. Simons. You might also want to stop and talk to the guy in the bait shop by the pier. He can tell you what is out there at the time and help you get rigged.

      Check out the link below.

      Thanks – TJ


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