Best Summer Fishing in Years at St. Simons Island!

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It’s way more fun to write fishing reports when there are so many things going on at the same time. This year we are seeing some of the best fishing we’ve seen in years.

Inshore Fishing Report

We’ve been catching loads of Trout and that has remained our main target. Cumberland Beach has been hot although the average size of the fish has been 13 inches or so. It’s hard to beat catching 100 or more fish in just a half day even if there are only 10 keepers in the mix.

When quality is more important than quantity we have been doing really well fishing in the rivers and finding some really nice Trout. We’re not catching 100 of them but the numbers have been very respectable.

Flounder and Black Drum have also been in the mix although we haven’t spent any time targeting either specifically.

The hot bait has been a DOA shrimp in clear with red flake. The trout have been hammering this color combo and even a few whiting have been eating them. Definitely worth it to have a few of these in the boat.

Tripletail Fishing at Jekyll

We’ve been fortunate that the shrimp boats haven’t been spending any time around the Tripletail grounds. As a result, the fishing has remained good and we are seeing a lot of fish. We’ve been hitting the Tripletail on our way back from fishing for Trout at Cumberland Beach and that’s been a nice combination.

Shark and Tarpon Fishing

The shark fishing has been phenomenal behind the shrimp boats. On sunny days we’ve seen dozens of sharks swarming the boat at one time and had hooks up on every rod in the boat. They have also been eager takers of artificial lures like Hogy Eels or Yum Money Minnows.

Tarpon are here but they aren’t in full swing. We’ll be targeting them by the end of the month though.

Bait is plentiful but small.

Offshore Fishing

The Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, and Cobia fishing has been excellent on the nearshore reefs. Trolling small tandem pogy rigs has been the ticket for the Mackerel while simply having a pitch rod ready with a bucktail is all you need for the Cobia.

Further offshore there are plenty of the endangered Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Vermillion Snapper, and Amberjacks.

The RFA RED ALERT campaign…

While we’re talking about fishing in federal waters, please take some time to check out the Red Alert campaign with the RFA.

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