April Fishing Report

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After the winter transition the inshore bite has picked-up and the fish have stabilized in a more consistent pattern. Trout are moving into the shallow waters around rips, jetties, oyster beds and grass points. Live shrimp are their meal of choice and we are fishing through some short Trout to find the new 14” keeper size. A few Bull Reds have been caught out on the bars adjacent to the channels using cut Mullet. Triple Tail were sighted earlier in April. The weather shifted and brought in cooler temps and high winds. The few that were here moved on. We are starting to see some return, and are looking forward to seeing them moving in more reliably in May. Toward the end of May, Trout should start showing up on the beaches of Cumberland Island.


  • As of January 1st, the new minimum size limit for Trout is 14 inches.
  • Cobia closure has been announced from Georgia to New York beginning June 20th. According to NOAA, catch limits were exceeded with the combination of recreational and commercial fishermen fishing for the migratory fish. Georgia will not close Cobia fishing within our state waters, (up to 3 miles from shore), to match the federal closure. Before keeping any Cobia, make sure you check all state and federal regulations. Retention of Cobia in Federal waters will begin again in January 2017.
  • Local live shrimp are hard to find this time of year. Most bait shops will bring in Florida shrimp over the next few weeks. The change in bait doesn’t affect fishing, but will have an impact on your wallet as the price increases. Florida shrimp are hearty, live longer and you get more per quart. So even with the higher cost, you get a little more “bang for your buck”. While out on the water if you notice the water you are fishing in or passing through changing to the color of tea, turn your live well pump off or re-circulate it if possible. This color change is a sign of fresh water mixing with the salt water and will kill the shrimp. Just remember to turn your live well pump back on!

This year’s season kicked off with a difficult February and the beginning of March was brutal. April wasn’t much better. We experienced high winds, high tides, muddy water and ever changing water temperatures. We found fish, but it was a struggle. The pain was evenly shared with other guides trying to put clients on fish at the beginning of the season. Catching is the optimal goal, but fishing doesn’t always turn out as planned. Plans and expectations can be exceeded, and on the flip side can leave you feeling inadequate or disappointed. As guides we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find fish. We are constantly seeking new areas to fish, speaking with our fellow guides to share best bite information, and working as hard as possible during the trip to put our clients on a good bite.

Summer is just around the corner and our clients have learned to book their trips early. If you haven’t already made your reservations for your guided trip, please give Beth a call at 912-617-5577. If you have made reservations…Thanks and See Ya Soon!

Fair winds,

Captain Tim

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  1. Thanks for the April update! Good info. plan to pass it along. Hopefully with April closing out, May will be the beginning of the “Fish on!” Month(s)!

    Thanks again!


  2. Perfect timing on the update, been waiting on the weather/tides/fish to finally get into sync after Feb/March. Appreciate the reminder on 14″ Trout. Thanks …

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