St. Simons Island Fishing Report – Great charter! 2/2/13

Today I had Jeff and Randy out for a 6 hour trip out of St. Simons Island. We were fishing inshore but they really wanted to get a few Sheepshead to go with some Trout and Reds. I’ve been on some Sheepshead inshore lately and with the wind blowing from the Northeast at 15 this morning I didn’t think the reef was a good idea.

We had to put the boat in 4 wheel drive a couple of times to get where we were going but it was worth it in the long run. The Sheepshead were there and we snatched a few out and missed plenty more. There were a couple of Trout in there with the Sheepies but we decided to head out to find a better Trout bite.St. Simons Fishing Report

Stop 2 was a trusty Trout drop that I have been fishing lately. There were a few fish there and we picked off a little Redfish but we decided it was best to move on down the bank. The I-Pilot did its job moving us down the bank and holding us in place when we found a school of fish. We picked Trout off steadily for the next couple of hours before heading out.

Stop 3 was to take a quick look at a Redfish spot that I haven’t looked at in a while. The Reds weren’t home, but a very nice Sheepshead was! He was around 6 or so pounds and the last fish of the day.

We fished pretty hard for these fish, but in February I’ll take it every day and twice on Sunday.

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ


  1. Billy Bice says:

    Hey TJ, the dadgum report self reporting GPS I installed on your new Everglades when haywire after your second stop and I missed the 3rd…..can you fill in the blanks!! ??

  2. TJ Cheek says:

    That third stop was nearly a bust! I think that one mondo Sheepshead was all that was there.

  3. Heath Yates says:

    Digging the new site and report, it looks great!

  4. Jeff Young says:

    Capt. T. J.,

    We had an awesome trip! One of the best, if not THE best inshore trips ever! And on a cool February day at that!

    It was great going into “4 wheel drive” around the islands! Catching fish is important but the experience, the marsh and scenery of Georgia’s Golden Isles is incredible and there is no better way to explore it than a charter trip with a knowledgeable guide who is in touch with the flow of the tide and understands and has lifelong respect for the resource.

    You can bet that when anyone asks me for recommendations for charters around your area in the future you are on the top of the list!

    Well done Captain!

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