September Fishing Forecast for St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island

We’ve got some of the best fishing of the year coming up and whether your intention is to book a fishing charter with us, or to head out in your own boat, it’s time to start planning for the best dates. Right now we are on the tail end of some big flood tides. Unless you have a small skiff or like to wade for tailing Redfish, that is mostly bad news. Offshore currents are likely swift and the inshore waters are muddy.

However, that is about to change as the tides return to normal. Between now and the last week of September we’ll see some really good inshore fishing (if what we saw in August and what we historically see in September are any indication).

Great News for Redfish Fishing

Here is some really good news; we are seeing more juvenile Redfish than we have seen in two or three years. If you’ve fished with me in the last couple of years you’ve probably heard me lament at the state of the Redfish population. It could be due to poor spawns or any number of things, but the good news is that what I’ve seen lately gives me hope that we are coming out of a bad cycle. On a recent trip we caught dozens of Redfish that were either just below the slot or in the slot. These smaller Reds grow at about an inch per month and will be a lot of fun this Fall and Winter season.


Trout Fishing Promising for Inshore Charters

The Trout fishing has been really good and shows promise that we have a good crop of fish that will be keepers soon. Recently we had a trip that between the Trout, Redfish, Flounder, and Black Drum we must have caught between 100 and 15o fish. They weren’t all keepers but we weren’t keeping fish that day anyway. I’d estimate that if we had measured every fish we would have had between 20 and 30 keepers.

This is all good for September because many years I can recall saying that “the fish are just everywhere” when the tides are right this month. We’ll have a stall in the bite when the tides swell again at the end of the month but then we’ll be in one of the best times of year to not only get on some awesome inshore fishing, but we’ll have the opportunity to go after bull Redfish as well.

tj trout

Get Ready for Bull Redfish

I fully expect to see the Bull Redfish show up at the end of this month but after the moon they should really crank up for October. The reason I want to mention the Bull Redfish that we’ll be targeting next month is so that those of you that plan to head out on your own can keep an eye out for one significant event; the mullet run. While you’re out and about this month keep your eyes peeled for schools of mullet. You’ll want to catch some and put them in the freezer for Bull Red bait. This also usually signals the official start of Bull Red season.  It doesn’t always happen this way, but be sure not to miss it.


Speaking of bait, I would also highly recommend that you put a few things in your boat for inshore fishing this month. Still being warm, it’s common to look in your livewell and see a lot of your bait dead or dying. Add that to fact that there are still loads of trash fish around and you could find yourself on a good bite and no bait.

Four things that I would have in the boat every trip are:

  • DOA Shrimp
  • Gulp Shrimp
  • Z-Man Shrimp
  • Small cast net

Between the first three you can probably find something that you can get the fish to eat and if all else fails you can break out the cast net and get some finger mullet, pogies, or shrimp. A lot of folks ignore finger mullet and pogies for Trout bait but they can be just as good and sometimes better than shrimp… especially when the trash fish are swarming.

We’ve also done well recently on hard baits such as Mirrodines and Bomber Long A’s. Topwater baits such as Spooks and Skitterwalks are also a great idea to have with you especially in early morning or cloudy situations when you are trying to locate fish. Sure, they’ll eat the topwater stuff when the sun is high and bright, but nothing compares to low light topwater fishing.

Be sure to give us a call and set up your fishing trip. We just need to avoid the last week of the month if you want to fish inshore. If you are wanting to shark fish or do a kids trip we can still get the job done during the big tides.

I also want to share my latest tournament news with you. Last weekend I made the trip up to Georgetown, SC to fish the IFA Redfish Tour event with my tournament partner Chris. We weren’t able to make it up early for some practice time but we were fortunate enough to get some help from a friend. We started the day off frustrated and not seeing many fish and by 1:30 we only had one fish in the boat. We knew it would take us a solid hour to get back and we decided to hit one more spot. When we pulled up the flat exploded with Redfish and were were able to cull out our first fish and get our two fish limit. We were cutting it so close to the cut off time that we almost didn’t even go back. We thought really hard about just staying and catching a bunch of fish. We decided to push the boat as hard as it would go and made it to weigh in with 20 seconds to spare. We didn’t think we had any serious weight but I was surprised when we started out in third place. After it was all said and done we were in 7th and managed to cut a check that paid our expenses and put a little bit of cash in our pockets. What a blast!


See you out there.

Tight lines!


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