Inshore Fishing Hot! Tarpon Fishing Not!

Let’s get the Tarpon fishing summary knocked out first…

It was good… then it wasn’t good… then it was good again… and now it’s not good again. That’s it in a nutshell but if you want the details, here we go.

The wind shifted to the east and northeast a couple weeks ago and blew the bait apart which also caused the fish to scatter. We typically are able to predict where the main mass of fish are going to be on a given tide but once the bait and fish dispersed it became more of a matter of blind luck as to whether we were going to get on the fish on any given day.

This really hasn’t changed much over the last few days. There have been some days that resembled what we are accustomed to seeing, but not quite. Two days ago I was shark fishing and we had Tarpon all around the boat a few times which leaves me with just enough optimism to give it a go as long as you are prepared to accept a higher possibility of failure.

The good news is that the inshore fishing has been red hot.


We are still finding loads of small fish, but mixed in with them are enough keepers to make it worth doing. Today we must have caught over 100 fish between the Trout and Redfish with some Drum, Croaker, and Flounder mixed in. It was steady rod bending action.

I brought enough bait to get through a full day of fishing, or at least I thought I did. We ran low on bait and mixed in some Gulp shrimp, spinner baits, Mirrodines, and Z-Man Houdini shrimp. They ate everything and even tried to eat the popping corks a couple times.


We are on a moon right now and the tides are fairly high in the evening which will likely cause the water to get a bit muddy. However, today the water was muddy when we started out and we blasted the fish in spite of it. We did end up fishing in some beautiful green water and found the bite equally hot there.

Starting next week our calendars will be open for last minute trips for the first time in a while so please don’t hesitate to call.

Let’s talk about sunscreen…

We used to hate it when we would see spray on sunscreen in the boats due to the fact that any place that it touches the fiberglass it will leave an orange stain. Well now it seems that even most creams have the ingredient that leaves the stain. We certainly don’t want anyone to go without sunscreen considering that skin cancer is much harder to get rid of than orange stains are; so we are more than willing to just deal with having to throw some chemicals on the boats and re-wax them a little more often.

If you have your own boat or fish with friends from time to time, here is my advice to help keep your fiberglass in better shape and minimize the stains… Wear protective clothing.

If you know me, you might notice that you never see me in short sleeves on the boat and half the time I am wearing long pants as well. I recently had the opportunity to test out a performance shirt from Mojo Sportswear and I can tell you that I never felt the need to roll up my sleeves to stay cool. With a UPF 50 rating and a light weight, stain resistant, quick drying technical polyfiber material you can fish all day with minimal sunscreen use.


Check out Mojo Sportswear by clicking this link and give it a try for yourself.

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