Fishing Report – August 2013 – St. Simons – Jekyll

This is just a quick update on the recent fishing around St. Simons and Jekyll Island. We have been swamped like never before with new customers and it’s been tough to find the time to sit down and write a report.

In my last report I talked about all the bad weather. Well, since then the weather has been beautiful! I guess if you complain long enough it will eventually go your way!

The inshore fishing has been right on track for what we typically see this time of year; solid average catches with the occasional “holy smokes” stellar day.

Tarpon fishing has been good but nothing crazy. I feel confident in going after the silver kings but they have been a bit tricky at times.

The reefs are holding some mondo Barracuda and some decent Sea Bass as well as Spadefish.

The Shark bite is, of course, out of control.

I’ll try to get a proper report out soon with some pictures but I wanted to shoot this out there to hold you over for now.

Tight lines!


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