News From The Boat – Recent Charters Report

Jekyll Island Fishing Guide

Recent Fishing Charters- News From the Deck Summer vacation is definitely in full swing! We can tell because we haven’t had a day off in… I have no idea how long! As tired as we are we are thankful to be on the water every day with great folks. We’ve been blessed with some awesome weather although there have been some days that afternoon thunderstorms forced us to call it a day early. Here is what we’ve been up to; Offshore Fishing Charter Report – St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island I want to let you know up front that..

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Fishing is Heating Up! It’s Time to Book Your Charter!

Every Spring comes with challenges. The water temperature bounces up and down and the fish are scrambling all over the place to stay comfortable and certain species wait for the magic number before moving back into the area. The wait is finally over! The inshore fishing is pretty good right now and we’ve had some great days of Trout fishing as well as Tripletail fishing. We try to make it easy on you. You don’t have to decide what kind of fish you want to target. Just let us know a little bit about your group and what kind of..

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GIFP: Ep. 11 | Tripletail | Bull Reds | Rough Weather

Coastal Georgia Fishing Report 4/18/14 It’s that time to keep me away from sharp objects. The weather so far this week SUCKS! Seriously? 25 knot winds every day? COME ON MAN! Tripletail Fishing Report I could go on for days about the weather, but I know you really want to hear about the fishing. This past weekend we mainly focused on Tripletail fishing. Word has definitely gotten out as there were probably 30 boats out there looking for Tripletail this weekend. The fish were popping up pretty decent on Saturday and we..

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GIFP: Episode 10 | Tripletail Finally Here | Ocean Coming to Life

Fishing report for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Brunswick, GA

Tripletail Fishing in Georgia has finally kicked off! That’s the biggest news in this week’s fishing podcast. There has been a lot of overall improvement in the fishing, but by far my favorite part of this week’s news is the arrival of the Tripletail. The first fish to arrive are almost always the biggest that you will see for the season on average. The later it gets in the season, the more small fish you will see. It also seems that you will see less big fish. This year has been no different so far as the fish that are..

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GIFP: Ep. 9 | Whiting Time! | Good Pier Fishing | Prepping for Tripletail

This week I just have to apologize. I didn’t really get on the phone and gather up the report like I would like to due to being sick. I had to get my dad to cover my trips for me, and I’ve been down for the count. So this podcast might be a little rough. The good news is that the Whiting are here and the average size has improved dramatically. Yesterday (Thursday) we were able to catch close to 100 on 2 Kids Fishing trips and they were mostly nice fish. The Trout fishing continues to be tough. The..

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GIFP: Ep. 8 | Sea Bass | Sight Fishing | Redfish Tips | Inshore Chumming

Kids Fishing Trips St. Simons

Golden Isles Fishing Podcast Episode 8: Sushi Fastballs, Peeled Prawns, and Warm Up Already! Sushi fastballs? Really? Yeah… it’s just a way that I have described this phenomenon to my customers in the past and it seemed to resonate with them and help improve their angling skills so I figured I would share it in this podcast. But yeah, it’s kind of weird. Capt. TJ Cheek’s Podcast Fishing Report for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Brunswick, GA Here is a quick summary of the podcast, just give it a listen for all the details. In this report I talk..

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St. Simons Island Fishing Report – Spring Fishing Guide

Spring Fishing Guide for St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Fishing Charters Now that Spring is springing, we are starting to see some cool stuff happening. The water temps are rising and what is hopefully the last real cold snap is about to pass through. If I have my way, this will be the last of the cold weather and the water temps can get into the 60s and stay there. So what does this mean for you as a customer? More opportunities. Right now I am focusing on two things; reef fishing and inshore fishing. On the reefs we..

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Golden Isles Fishing Podcast – Episode 7 – Gonna Have to Work for It

Fishing Guide

The hardest thing about doing these podcasts so far is finding new things to talk about when there just isn’t much changing. Maybe the water temperature ticks up a degree or two, or the tides are a bit better, or the fishing was just a little better than the week before. Sometimes I think I just end up repeating myself. This week, it’s even tougher. The fishing and weather were not cooperative and that just makes this a tough fishing report to deliver, but I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Last weekend we moved around..

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What are We Catching Now and Later? St. Simons Fishing Report

Guided Fishing Trip in Georgia

Fishing Charter Report – What am I catching now? Spring Break is almost here and the calendar is filling up quickly. If you have already booked a trip with me I want to thank you and I look forward to fishing with you. For those of you that haven’t booked yet and you are wondering what I am catching on my fishing charters right now, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve been focusing about 70% of my time fishing inshore for Trout and Sheepshead and about 30% fishing out on the..

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