October 2016 Fishing Report

October was a phenomenal month for both inshore fishing and Bull Reds. Hurricane Matthew slowed us down just before kissing the shores of the Golden Isles at the beginning of the month. After it passed through, we had to wait for the marina to restore power and obtain bait before we were able to get back on the water. Although Matthew caused significant damage to the marina and St. Simons Island, the fish were laughing and thumbing their fins in his face. The Bull Red’s had our clients excited, happy and quickly worn out as they provided that addictive..

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June 2016 Fishing Report

June was a CRAZY good month for Shark and expect July to be the same if not better. The Shark bite offered big adventures for families and adrenaline junkies alike. Grown men were begging for mercy as the big boys put some drag on the reels they won’t soon forget. Tarpon have been spotted and should be here in full force by mid-July. Some have already been hooked and gone airborne in their pre-season show of acrobatics. Trout have been steady and during the first part of June we had to cull through some shorts. But by the end of..

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May 2016 Fishing Report

FULL MOONS, MEMORIES, AND FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING We fish over 200 days a year and ultimately there will be full moons during that time. Some people want to know if we will fish during a full moon. The lunar phases do present changes and challenges in the fishing environment, but not enough to keep us away. Whereas some people may be discouraged by a full moon, we are not deterred. And, this time of year its fullness brings good news; Trout off the beach of Cumberland Island. My grandfather always said the Trout would show up off the beach..

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April Fishing Report

After the winter transition the inshore bite has picked-up and the fish have stabilized in a more consistent pattern. Trout are moving into the shallow waters around rips, jetties, oyster beds and grass points. Live shrimp are their meal of choice and we are fishing through some short Trout to find the new 14” keeper size. A few Bull Reds have been caught out on the bars adjacent to the channels using cut Mullet. Triple Tail were sighted earlier in April. The weather shifted and brought in cooler temps and high winds. The few that were here moved on. We..

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November Fishing Report for Georgia Coast

This season has certainly been weird as nothing has really been on schedule. The Tripletail  showed up a little later than normal and never really were that impressive. The Tarpon fishing was good but never got really good. The Cobia run was a dud. Bull Redfish just sort of “sputtered”. The good news is that the Trout fishing has been strong and should continue to be strong. Thanksgiving week will have some brutal tides but I expect that a few days after the flood tides we should see some of the best Trout fishing of the year. Right now we..

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It’s Bull Red Time.


It’s that time of year to catch trophy Redfish, also known as Bull Reds, Old Drum, or Bulls. We’ve obviously had some crazy weather but of course the big Reds don’t mind. It’s just a matter of having a day that we can safely and comfortably get to them. The good news is that there are Redfish to be caught in the rivers. On days where it is just too much to go out front we can fish safely in the river around rips and deep holes. Typically, in the river you don’t catch the numbers that you do on..

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Fishing Report for Third Week of September 2015

Sometimes making predictions about fishing can leave you looking a bit silly and I hesitate to say that any particular time is going to be good. The last thing that I want is for you to go burn your gas and waste your time because I said it would be a good time to go. Well I’m glad that my prediction in my last report has proven to be true. The inshore bite has been really good! We had some big tides around the first of the month and during the last week of the month we’ll have some big..

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September Fishing Forecast for St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island


We’ve got some of the best fishing of the year coming up and whether your intention is to book a fishing charter with us, or to head out in your own boat, it’s time to start planning for the best dates. Right now we are on the tail end of some big flood tides. Unless you have a small skiff or like to wade for tailing Redfish, that is mostly bad news. Offshore currents are likely swift and the inshore waters are muddy. However, that is about to change as the tides return to normal. Between now and the last..

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Mid August Fishing Report for the Golden Isles


It seems that I always have to start my reports with a weather disclaimer, and this one is no different. We had a strong start to our Tarpon season this year only to get de-railed a bit recently. Every few days we’ve had a strong east or northeast wind and that really disrupts the bait and the fish. They typically spring right back, but we need a few days of good weather to really get things going again. That brings me to the first thing that I want to talk about in the report. Speaking with some of my fellow..

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St. Simons Island Fishing Report for July 2015


Lately we’ve been running a mixture of trips. Right now it’s full blown vacation season which typically brings a lot of Shark fishing charters, but we’ve also been doing some heavy inshore fishing. First, for those of you that are reading this while considering a guided fishing trip, I’ll explain the best options and what that entails. Inshore fishing – This means that we’ll be fishing primarily in the sounds (you may call them bays) and rivers. We are doing some fishing along the beach line as well to target what are normally considered inshore species. You can expect to..

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