Tarpon, Trout, Sharks, Bull Reds… It’s ON!

tarpon fishing georgia

This summer came in with a bang and it has continued to sizzle. We couldn’t be happier to have had the fortune of clean water, plenty of fish, and agreeable weather. It’s really a nice break to have some things line up in our favor. This is going to be a short and sweet report because the simple fact is that the fishing is hot and if you’re not here you’re missing out. Tarpon Fishing My favorite fish has been stealing the show lately. The Tarpon fishing has been really strong and I’m looking forward to watching it get even..

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Cumberland Beach Trout, Sharks, Tripletail, Tarpon, and More!

One of the best things about the job that we get to do is knowing that no two days will be the same. At the same time, that is the one thing that can make this job tough! The bite changes, the clients change, and the weather changes. We have to constantly remain fluid and be willing to adapt to all of these changes. I recently had a customer that really put my ability to adapt to the test. We had an inshore trip scheduled to fish for Trout, Redfish, etc. and I had an arsenal of light tackle in..

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Mid August Fishing Report for the Golden Isles

It seems that I always have to start my reports with a weather disclaimer, and this one is no different. We had a strong start to our Tarpon season this year only to get de-railed a bit recently. Every few days we’ve had a strong east or northeast wind and that really disrupts the bait and the fish. They typically spring right back, but we need a few days of good weather to really get things going again. That brings me to the first thing that I want to talk about in the report. Speaking with some of my fellow..

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Tarpon, Sharks, Jack Crevalle, and More at St. Simons Island

tarpon charters in georgia

It’s quite possibly my favorite part of the season when the Tarpon really get into a pattern. While fishing for Tarpon certainly isn’t easy and you won’t get every one that you hook to the boat, it still gets my blood pumping. We’ve had a great start to this year’s Tarpon season and we’ve also had some stellar days with bonus Jack Crevalles. The Shark fishing is wide open as it should be as well. Let’s Start with the Tarpon Fishing This is all we really want to do this time of year. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea as..

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St. Simons Island Fishing Report for July 2015

Lately we’ve been running a mixture of trips. Right now it’s full blown vacation season which typically brings a lot of Shark fishing charters, but we’ve also been doing some heavy inshore fishing. First, for those of you that are reading this while considering a guided fishing trip, I’ll explain the best options and what that entails. Inshore fishing – This means that we’ll be fishing primarily in the sounds (you may call them bays) and rivers. We are doing some fishing along the beach line as well to target what are normally considered inshore species. You can expect to..

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June Fishing Report for St. Simons and the Golden Isles of Georgia

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I’m happy to report that this go ’round there aren’t any substantial negative issues to talk about. The water has been clean (except for when it’s not supposed to be), the weather has been mostly pleasant although a bit hot, and the fish have been cooperative. Inshore Fishing Report Our main focus has been inshore fishing as of late. The Trout bite has been good but don’t expect easy limits like we see in the Fall and Winter months. We’ve been able to find nice mixed bags of Trout, Redfish, Flounder, and Black Drum and the Ladyfish, Blues, and Jacks..

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Tackle List for Fishing Saltwater in Georgia

Complete Tackle List For Inshore and Nearshore Fishing in Georgia Waters If you’re new to fishing in Georgia and you are overwhelmed by all of the tackle choices out there, this blog post is just for you. As a fishing guide here in Georgia, I have to keep my tackle simple but versatile. I can’t keep every lure known to man in my boat and I have to make sure that whatever I use, it’s simple enough for a novice to catch on quickly. For that reason, my tackle box might not be the treasure trove of cool stuff and..

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September Fishing Report and Forecast

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If you are planning to come fishing here in Georgia in September or October you are in luck as some of the best fishing of the year is during this time. You can find a wide variety of targets both big and small, edible and for sport only, and the weather can be very pleasant. Tarpon, Bull Redfish, Sharks, and Jack Crevalle When it comes to targeting big fish this time of year, these are the guys (and girls) we are after. Through September we will target Tarpon although we will shift our focus more and more to Bull Redfish..

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Fishing Report for St. Simons and Jekyll Fishing Charters

July 1st Fishing Report from our Recent Charters The biggest news recently from our family has been the birth of our second child, Ethan Wallace Cheek! He was born on June 26th at 12:47 PM and weighed 7 pounds 10 oz. Check him out! Inshore Fishing Report Inshore fishing has been mostly good with some tough days and some stellar days mixed in. We have been fishing around Cumberland Beach as much as possible as the bite has been good and it’s some pretty easy action to get in to. Other days we have had to fish in the river..

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May 2014 Charter Fishing Report

Cobia Fishing in Georgia

When people ask me what time of year is best to fish here, there is really no right answer. However, one of my favorite months is May. It’s not exactly the easiest month to fish, but there are a lot of options and some really cool things happen. This May has been no different. It’s been a lot of fun, with some tough days and some phenomenal days mixed throughout. At the beginning of May the Tripletail fishing was very strong. There were a lot of big fish around, but as the month went on there were more and more..

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