Cancelled Fishing Didn’t Stop My Boy!

jacksontroutMy Saturday trip cancelled for rain but first thing that morning we had a little window of opportunity. My dad was already out fishing so I called him and got him to pick me and my “almost” 2 year old up. We went to a super top secret family fishing hole and my little boy Jackson got to pound on some Trout.

OK, so let me clear it up a little… The fishing hole isn’t all that secret, and Jackson would reel the fish in for about 5 seconds before he just wanted to play with the net, but let me have my fun, OK?

In all seriousness it was a great fishing trip that only lasted about 30 minutes but I’ll never forget the first time that we got to have 3 generations in the boat for some fishing. It was special to me and the fact that the bite was awesome and we had to leave them biting only adds to a great memory that I will always cherish.

Tight lines!


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